Every business has a website. But does every website have a customer referral functionality

Your website is like a mirror of your business. The traffic to your website comes through various sources that help generate traffic for your business.

Referral marketing is important in promoting your brand and increasing the sale of products and services of your company to maximize profits. Other marketing efforts may be just as successful, but likely also come at a higher cost.

When it comes to a cost-efficient approach to market your brand, one strategy stands out – referral marketing.

We all know what a business reference means for a business. It simply means promoting or advertising your brand by word of mouth or through reference, in online parlance. We can term it as ‘viral marketing’

In everyday life, we directly or indirectly spread a word about different brands and share our experiences.

It is imperative to integrate your referral program into your business website. You can customize your incentive program over your website as necessary, given that it is not very difficult to integrate the program into your website.

Additionally, keep in mind that a business has to adapt with changing market conditions and plan and implement various programs at the same time.

How does a referral program on your business website help you?

It helps get qualified, authentic leads for new customers. Given that your existing customers have referred your website to their friends or loved ones, you should expect an above average chance of conversion

You can customize your program.

You can reward your referrals by offering them incentives for their efforts.

You have to keep updating your website with new referral marketing efforts that are easily integrated into your online presence.

You can devise a really strong application that will motivate existing customers enough to take some efforts to promote your business. This motivation should be offered in a tangible program like offering heavy discounts, or free products, etc.

Getting a new business or customer through referrals is one of the most cost-efficient marketing approach, as it involves minimum spending on the part of the marketer. Additionally, there are high chances of conversions through referral marketing.

It is very important that you put up your referral program on your website, where you get maximum traffic. When a new customer visits your website, he should easily find the referral program that is present on your portal.

Be sure to make your referral program simple and understandable for the visitor. If your visitor gets a good experience on your website and can easily work and gain incentives through the referral scheme, he/she will be more inclined to continue to spread the word about your company as best as possible.

Decide what you are going to offer your customers as a referral incentive. It should be something tangible so that the customers feel that they have received value for their referral efforts. Make sharing easy for your visitor. For example, utilize a sharable link to your website or storefront so referrers can simply share a referral link in their social media. In this fashion, you get access to wider audiences who would be interested in looking into your business’s products.

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