How digital marketing firms can help their clients gain more customers using customer referral

A marketing firm provides the foundation and background knowledge about consumer behavior, market strategies, and effective communication in advertising that professionals can and should utilize when using referral marketing to their advantage. The skills acquired in marketing programs allow a business owner to view the big picture, and make sure all the elements of a referral program come together for success.

Courses in consumer psychology help professionals understand how their target market thinks, and what makes them most likely to purchase from a particular store. This helps marketers choose the best rewards and incentives for referral programs. When it comes to getting the word out about referral marketing, the skills learned in media strategy and market research courses can strengthen the ability to reach customers effectively. To learn more about how earning a degree in marketing or advertising can help to develop and implement successful referral marketing programs, feel free to request further information from schools that offer similar marketing courses.

Our team at CReferral, have created a crowdsourcing marketplace where individuals and businesses can outsource online tasks to our vast network of freelancers and Micro Workers in minutes.

You may get online tasks done from individual Micro Workers of from multiple Micro Workers.

Tasks Needing Multiple Micro Workers: As a digital marketing firm, you can place orders for online tasks that require multiple Micro Workers including but not limited to:

  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat marketing facilitated by sharing your website and ‘refer a friend’ referral links.
  • App Downloads: Help increase app downloads, installs and will write reviews for iOS and Android Apps.
  • Website and App Testing: Website Testing, iOS App Testing, Android App Testing and Application Testing.
  • Surveys: Survey data collection - A customer creates a survey and shares with our micro workers for them to compete. Once a micro worker completes the survey, they have to submit proof of completion of the survey before they are paid.
  • Website and blog comments: Hire multiple Micro Workers to leave their comments on your blogs or websites, and review your client’s products and services
  • Tasks Needing Individual Micro Workers: As a digital marketing firm, you can place orders for online tasks that require individual Micro Workers.
  • Virtual Assistant: For lead generation, managing your social media account, customer support activities, Email Marketing, Email Management, back office activities, data entry, Online Research etc.
  • Articles / Blogs: Write or Edit Article or Blog Posts.
  • Translation: Image, Test, Audio and Video Translation.
  • Transcription: Image, Test, Audio and Video Transcription.
  • Content Moderation (Vision): Image Moderation, Image Categorization, Image Tagging, Image Quality Rating, Video Quality Rating, Video Classification, Image Content, Image summarization, or Other Data Moderation.
  • Language: Text Sentiment Analysis, Intent Detection, Emotion Detection, Video/Audio/Image/Text Translation, Video/Audio/Image/Text Transcription, or Document Classification.
  • Other: Data Collection, Website collection, or Website classification.

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