The Age of Remote and Micro work

Those who have transitioned to remote work during the Covid-19 outbreak are among the lucky ones. The unpredictability of the new year has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and/or have required some take jobs that put them and their families at risk. However, even for those fortunate enough to continue working from the relative safety of their homes, remote work poses new challenges. As such, we’ve done our best to compare the experiences of veteran remote workers with newly established remote workers to determine which practices and tools might help newcomers best adapt to working in a solely virtual environment.

The great microwork debate is highly contentious. It is both a catalyst for employment creation and a mechanism for exploitation. It’s ‘a race to the bottom’ but also a pivotal means for un- and under-employed individuals to enter previously inaccessible labor markets in rich countries. It defies geographical constraints but, conversely, exacerbates geographical biases. As more people gain connectivity, the call for greater regulation in the micro workspace grows more urgent. So, what is the best way to enforce this in a way that helps rather than hinders the people it is meant to protect?

Use Cases for Utilizing Micro Workers

While considering the benefits of the “microworker revolution,” take time to understand the processes that can be made much more affordable and effective through the use of microwork.

Business Process Outsourcing: Large business processes consisting of multiple, time-consuming levels can be broken down into many smaller microtasks that our platform is made to help you complete. Our network of workers can be tasked to preform widely different tasks for your business which can eventually be combined into a cohesive product that can help you complete larger business processes as a whole. Our global team of microworkers can be asked to virtually preform almost any task your business needs to be successful.

Market Research and Surveys: To get reliable survey results from real people, task members of our vast network of microworkers to participate in your questionnaire for honest feedback that you can use in your study.

Gather data and build data sets: Our microworkers can help gather data or information for your company’s online services. This could specifically include a verification of the operating hours for a given business or collecting data from websites based on your needs. Build new data sets or enrich existing databases using the power of our micro workers.

Cleansing, categorization and preparation of data for analysis: Use our micro workers for data-wrangling activities so you have the data you need for analysis. Our micro workers can help normalize, categorize, de-duplicate, or enrich your data sets to help you get from large pieces of data to insightful analysis faster and easier.

Moderate user-generated content: Microworkers in our network can help review content to make sure that your product follows certain guidelines.

Assisting your Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Initiatives: Our network of microworkers can help any AI company gather and sort through human annotated data to train new systems. By leveraging microworkers in our platform, you can build datasets that would advance your machine learning models and research through training exercises that teach the model common sense knowledge. Our microworker’s annotations of your product can be used to enhance computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify and label objects, recognize sentiment, classify data points, and make predictions.

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